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A Cat in Paris (Une vie de chat) is a 2010 French computer animated adventure/crime movie by the French computer animation studio Folimage, informing the story of a young Parisian girl whose feline leads her to decipher a thrilling secret over the course of a solitary night. The film was directed by Alain Gagnol and Jean-Loup Felicioli. [2]
A Cat in Paris was first screened on 15 October 2010 at the Saint-Quentin Ciné-Jeune Movie Celebration. It was released in French cinemas on 15 December 2010. Worldwide distribution is by Films Distribution, Paris. [2]
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The film was chosen for the Academy Give for Ideal Animated Function. [3] Together with Chico and Rita, it turned into one of 2 foreign-language films nominated for Finest Animated Feature in one year, an Academy first that lots of onlookers thought about a shock. [4] The movie has actually additionally gotten a nomination for the Cesar Award for Finest Animated Film in 2011.
Nico is a thief who slips into buildings as well as takes gems. Nico is constantly adhered to by a black feline. The complying with morning, the feline wakes in a residence with a little girl, captures a lizard and also provides it to the lady. Zoé, listening to Jeanne, her mother, calls her to come in as well as check out her reptiles, however Jeanne is too active on the phone to take much notification of just what she is shown. At nightfall, the cat leaves as well as goes to locate Nico.

Nico offers the cat a fish-shaped bracelet, which it provides to Zoé. Her mom sees the bracelet as well as asks Zoé to give it to her. Prior to leaving, Zoé sees an image in her mommy's file of a male called Victor Costa. Jeanne takes the bracelet as well as offers it to Lucas, a colleague of hers at the police station, who asks her to see if it matches up to any one of the products swiped at one of the most recent burglaries in the Rue Mouffetard. Jeanne is commissioned to take care of the protection of a substantial African statue that has been the target of M. Costa which price her hubby his life. The sculpture is being relocated quickly and will certainly be the last chance for Costa to get his practical it.

Victor Costa has without a doubt been intending how to steal the sculpture with his minions, M. Bébé (Mr. Infant), M. Hulot, M. Grenouille (Mr. Frog), and M. Patate (Mr. Potato). When the bracelet turn ups, Lucas complies with the bring about Nico's place. Claudine has actually been watching Zoé, but fails to notice that she has actually followed the pet cat. While adhering to the feline, Zoé uncovers that Claudine is in fact a participant of his gang as well as has been working as a baby-sitter to obtain idea into exactly what the authorities are planning. The thieves find Zoé, who hides in Nico's residence. M. Costa almost uncovers Zoé yet in the nick of time among his minions asks for him ahead to the storage, where they have actually uncovered Nico's cache. Zoé attempts to leave but she is captured by Claudine. At the last minute Nico returns, and also locks the mobsters in the storage. Nico leaves with Zoé on his back, jumping over the roofing tops with M. Costa and his gang in search after breaking down the storage door. Nico leaves Zoé near the zoo, telling her that she should follow the feline back to his location while he distracts the burglars. The gang is close by and also they all comply with Nico. M. Costa, however, finds a piece of Zoé's Shirts in the bushes and also orders M. Grenouille to follow him. Both of them resemble catching Zoé, but she reaches a fish pond as well as escapes in a boat since neither M. Costa neither M. Grenouille can swim after her.
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