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Walking with Dinosaurs is a 2013 household film about dinosaurs embeded in the Late Cretaceous period, 70 million years back. The production showcases computer-animated dinosaurs in live-action setups with actors John Leguizamo, Justin Long, Tiya Sircar, as well as Skyler Stone providing voiceovers for the main personalities. It was routed by Neil Nightingale and also Barry Cook from a screenplay by John Collee.
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The film was generated by BBC Earth and Evergreen Movies and also was labelled after BBC's 1999 television docudrama miniseries of the very same name. The film, with a budget plan of US$ 80 million, was among the largest independent manufacturings to date; it was funded by Reliance Big Home entertainment as well as IM Global as opposed to a significant studio. The majority of circulation rights were at some point offered to 20th Century Fox. The staff filmed video footage on area in the United States state of Alaska as well as in New Zealand, which were chosen for their resemblances to the dinosaurs' surroundings countless years earlier. Pet Reasoning designed computer-animated dinosaurs as well as added them to the live-action background. Though the movie was initially going to do not have narrative or discussion, 20th Century Fox execs made a decision to add voiceovers, believing it would connect audiences to the personalities.

Walking with Dinosaurs premiered on 14 December 2013 at the Dubai International Film Festival. It was released in movie theaters in 2D as well as 3D on 20 December 2013. Critics applauded the movie's visual results yet located its narration to be below average as well as derided the voiceovers as juvenile. The film made US$ 36.1 million in the United States and Canada as well as US$ 90.5 million in other regions for a globally total of US$ 126.5 million. The Hollywood Reporter claimed the film's international box office efficiency was unsatisfactory in context of the production spending plan as well as marketing costs.
Paleontologist Zack takes his nephew Ricky and niece Jade on a fossil search. While alone, Ricky is fulfilled by a talking rook, who becomes an Alexornis called Alex. He informs him of a tale embeded in the Cretaceous duration 70 million years earlier. Patchi is the littlest in a litter of Pachyrhinosaurus hatchlings, as well as is usually harassed by his older brother Scowler. Their father Bulldust is the leader of a Pachyrhinosaurus herd. Alex, that is Patchi's advisor, aims to aid Patchi excite a female Pachyrhinosaurus called Juniper, but her herd migrates southern without him.
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