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Why Did I Get Married Too? Movie Why Did I Get Married Too? Film Why Did I Get Married Too? Flick Why Did I Get Married Too? Nice Why Did I Get Married Too? Characters

Why Did I Get Married Too? is a 2010 American comedy-drama movie created by Lionsgate and also Tyler Perry Studios and celebrities Janet Jackson, Tyler Perry, and Tasha Smith. It is the sequel to Why Did I Marry? (2007), [2] The film shares the interactions of four couples that take on a week-long hideaway to improve their connections.
The four couples plan for their following marriage retreat in the Bahamas. Sheila and her brand-new spouse, Troy, are the very first to show up, followed (in order) by Patricia as well as Gavin, Terry as well as Dianne, as well as Angela as well as Marcus. The men as well as the ladies different to discuss the excellent as well as bad about their marriages. In a shocking twist, Sheila's ex-husband, Mike, arrives, as well as Angela instantly starts a battle up until he leaves the females alone to go see the people.
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That evening, he speaks about his and also Sheila's partnership, which outrages Troy. Dianne accidentally calls Terry "Phil" throughout chat. Angela is persistent concerning getting the password to Marcus' mobile phone due to the fact that she suspects him, yet Marcus sidetracks her using sex. Dianne and also Terry hear saying later on and also assume it's Angela and also Marcus, however it becomes Patricia and also Gavin. When Dianne goes to examine, she locates Patricia yet can not obtain her to inform her just what's wrong. The following morning, Sheila makes it clear that, though Mike says he misses her, she is totally over him. At the beach, the ladies fulfill an elderly couple who have actually mistakenly tossed a pal's ashes on Angela. Sheila welcomes them to supper as well as they approve. At the "Why Did I Marry?" ceremony, Patricia announces to the team that she and Gavin are obtaining a separation, causing a troubled and angered Gavin to walk away from her, due to the fact that he did unknown she was visiting announce it to them.

Back in Atlanta, Gavin and also his attorney satisfy Patricia with her attorney, Dianne. Patricia as well as Gavin have actually made a decision to split every little thing down the middle in the negotiation, however Gavin reveals that Patricia has not offered up the account having her $850,000 book profits. Patricia refuses to offer Gavin any of her book cash, yet as she leaves, Gavin advises Dianne to determine Patricia to "plan for a fight", as he means to obtain half of that account as well. On the other hand, Angela's next-door neighbor informs her she's been listening to sex-related noises from the house when Angela is not home. Angela thinks Marcus is cheating and faces him survive his television show, who after that offers her his mobile phone as well as password. Gavin gets back really drunk and also challenges Patricia. He takes their son's infant images as well as ridicules her regarding her regarded absence of emotions, even concerning their separation and also their son's death, and after that assaults her, snuffs her in vodka, then burns the images.

Somewhere else, at Sheila's demand, Mike accepts aid find Troy a task. Angela talks Dianne as well as Sheila about exactly how all guys cheat. Patricia transforms the locks as well as catches Gavin, Terry, and Marcus relocating Gavin's things out, then learns Gavin has actually taken all their money, including her book money; enraged, Patricia trashes the house with his golf clubs. Angela gets back early to capture Marcus cheat as well as locates a couple in her bed, but after shooting up the room, she notices it was simply the garden enthusiast and also the cleaning lady making love. Terry lastly faces Dianne concerning her extramarital relations; she discloses that she has been having a psychological event as well as asks for forgiveness. Marcus as well as Angela battle, after that fix up, yet only to eliminate once more after Angela discovers Marcus has an additional phone. Troy comes to Mike's apartment or condo after finding out Mike obtained him his cops work. After locating Sheila there, he madly assaults Mike. Sheila tearfully admits that she has actually been taking Mike to chemotherapy; she attempts to excuse being unethical, however he leaves her.
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