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Snoopy Come Home is a 1972 American computer animated music comedy-drama film routed by Bill Melendez and also composed by Charles M. Schulz based upon the Peanuts cartoon. The film notes the on-screen launching of Woodstock, that had very first showed up in the strip in 1966. Released in Might 1972, the film was released by National General Pictures, created by Lee Mendelson Movies and also Cinema Center Movies (in their last production). The movie acts as a standalone follow up to 1969's A Child Named Charlie Brown. Race for Your Life, Charlie Brown acted as a standalone sequel to this motion picture, coming 5 years later on.

Other than Snoopy's Reunion as well as Snoopy! The Musical, this and the 2015 film The Peanuts Motion picture are the only recorded Peanuts productions not to have the name "Charlie Brown" in the title.
Snoopy and the rest of the Peanuts gang go to the coastline for the day. Once there, Snoopy assures to return to the beach the next day to meet Pepper mint Patty. After Charlie Brown has actually gone house to play Syndicate with the others, he notifications Snoopy is late and also statements he is tired of Snoopy being late. The following day, Snoopy is shaken off the coastline because of a new "No Pet dogs Enabled on this coastline" regulation (therefore setting a running trick in the film). Then Snoopy gets tossed out of a library due to his turbulent behavior as well as an additional "No Canines Allowed in library" guideline. He then gets involved in a battle with Linus over his covering, and later on beats Lucy in a boxing suit.

Later, Snoopy obtains a letter from a woman called Lila, that has remained in the hospital for three weeks for undefined reasons as well as needs Snoopy to maintain her firm. After obtaining the letter, Snoopy instantly triggers with Woodstock to go see her, leaving Charlie Brown completely in the dark as to that Lila is. Linus chooses to do some investigating, as well as discovers that Lila is Snoopy's original owner; Charlie Brown passes out upon hearing this.

En course to see Lila, Snoopy as well as Woodstock are required to deal with the challenges of a globe packed with indications declaring "No Pet dogs Enabled." Each circumstances - on a bus, a train, and also elsewhere - is musically accentuated by the deep tones of Thurl Ravenscroft. Both are quickly taken on as animals by a Lovely girl (determined as Clara in the staged poster as well as closed-captioning), however manage to get away. Snoopy and also Woodstock camp out, and play football and songs while preparing supper.
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