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Are We There Yet? Movie Are We There Yet? Film Are We There Yet? Flick Are We There Yet? Nice Are We There Yet? Characters

Are We There Yet? is a 2005 Canadian/American road family funny film directed by Brian Levant and also starring Ice Cube. It was generated by Transformation Studios and dispersed by Columbia Photo. In spite of being panned by doubters, [1] the movie made $98 million around the world and offered 3.7 million DVDs.

The film, while embeded in Portland, Oregon, Vancouver, BC and also a few others parts of the Pacific Northwest, was primarily fired on area around Vancouver, consisting of a view of the Lions' Entrance Bridge, the economic district high-rise buildings as well as the downtown scene near the movie's conclusion. A sequel, Are We Done Yet?, was released in 2007, [2] and also a tv series showcasing the movie's primary characters premiered in 2010.
The film opens on Xmas evening in Rose city, Oregon, where a guy shows up beyond a decorated residence with blossoms. On his way to the door, nonetheless, he falls into several catches as well as is left a mess. The perpetrator of these traps are exposed to be a girl as well as child called Lindsey as well as Kevin Kingston (Aleisha Allen and also Philip Daniel Bolden), whose mommy has separated their dad. Both are established to keep her single up until the two reconcile.
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The film then introduces Nick Folks (Ice), a 35-year-old child-hating bachelor/businessman, as he purchases a costly SUV and also boasts with his beloved bobble-head of Satchel Paige (voiced by Tracy Morgan), who revives at its own will certainly-- though just Nick could see/hear him. When he reaches his Fine Sports Collectibles store, he witnesses the female of his desires, Suzanne Kingston (Nia Long). On his method to talk with her, however, he is disgusted to discover that she has 2 children, Lindsey and also Kevin. Later on that evening, he runs into her on his means residence, requesting for a jump start as her auto had actually damaged down. After receiving an electrical shock, he agrees to take her home, as well as soon as there, accepts to transfer her wherever she should go. On New Year's Eve, he brings her to an airport terminal to head to Vancouver for a business meeting, yet her ex-husband calls to state he's ill and can not bring the children to the airport terminal, leaving her to put her trust in Nick.

When at her house, he satisfies Kevin and also Lindsey for the second time and provides them "gifts" (a pizza coupon for Lindsey as well as a corkscrew for Kevin). They go to the flight terminal, when Kevin accidentally ruins Nick's automobile door, where Nick is defeated after Kevin finds out that corkscrews are illegal to prompt planes as well as dumps the thing in Nick's jacket pocket. They after that determine to use a train, where the two children embark on the train to pick up a missing thing from Kevin's doll equally as Nick boards. This leads to them losing their travel luggage. They after that unwillingly decide to drive. Believing Nick is just a pal to their mother, the youngsters are tamed, yet still be mischievous as well as present to Nick little regard. At a vehicle stop, both learn from one of Nick's pals that he not only dislikes the two, but lied concerning not having feelings concerning their mom. They then present to much less restriction and also trigger chaos throughout the trip; pirating Nick's car, harming Nick, indicating to common carrier Al Buck (M. C. Gainey) that they have been abducted by Nick (causing heavy damage to his vehicle startling Nick), as well as inevitably fleing to see their dad.

Once they arrive, however, they learn that their daddy has actually not just gone on, yet has made a brand-new family members with a child whose age seems to outmatch their moms and dads divorce. Uncovering their father's betrayal and abandonment, they heat up to Nick, as he does with them, when he determines them that he, too, was abandoned by his dad. Along the rest of the journey, the three still discover themselves in a number of mishaps, yet each setback only reinforces their partnership. Nonetheless, their bond is inevitably checked when Nick's navigator is fired and also takes off. He madly criticizes the children yet relaxes, restores it and also asks forgiveness promptly afterwards
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