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DuckTales The Movie: Prize of the Lost Lamp is a 1990 animated experience dream film based upon the computer animated tv series DuckTales. Released by Walt Disney Pictures on August 3, 1990, it was the very first animated feature launched by Disney not to be part of the Disney animated functions canon. It was additionally the very first Disney animated film to be created by Disney MovieToons.

Created by the Walt Disney Television Computer animation satellite workshops in France and Australia, the traditional Donald Duck animation Man Duck was presented to prior to the film when it played in movie theaters.
Scrooge McDuck travels to the Middle East to inspect a recently-discovered treasure chest he is specific includes the treasure of the terrific burglar Collie Baba, gone along with by Huey, Dewey as well as Louie, Webby Vanderquack, and Launch pad McQuack. Although initially dissatisfied when the breast appears to just have old clothes, Penny pincher is thrilled when an ancient prize map is found in the pocket of an old robe. Directed by the burglar Dijon, they laid out to locate the lost prize, not realizing that Dijon actually works for the wicked sorcerer Merlock, that desires something Collie Baba possessed. The group uncovers Collie Baba's prize in a sand-covered pyramid. Webby sees a lamp in the prize, which Tightwad lets her keep considering that it does not hold any kind of value.

After evacuating the treasure for transportation, Cheapskate as well as his team are caught in an area loaded with monstrous scorpions by Merlock as well as Dijon, that steal the prize. However, Merlock finds that the lamp has actually been swiped; he drags Dijon with him to locate it. Scrooge as well as his pals handle to get away from the pyramid as well as, with absolutely nothing greater than Webby's lamp, leave for Duckburg.

Days later, the youngsters discover the light holds a Genie. Ecstatic regarding his flexibility, the Genie grants the 4 kids 3 wishes each; to trick Tightwad, he poses as the boys' Woodchuck precursor friend Genetics. Their desires consist of a baby elephant (which runs amok via Scrooge's manor) as well as a large ice cream sundae, to name a few things. Afraid of a bird zipping at night, Genie informs them concerning Merlock, who used his yearn for immortality and the damage of Atlantis and Pompeii, which were both prominent destination; Merlock's magic talisman, which enables him to take numerous animal types, likewise overrides the lamp's policies, giving him unlimited desires. Collie Baba stole the lamp from Merlock as well as concealed it away with his treasure, and also Merlock had spent the centuries given that looking for it. They have to prevent Merlock from obtaining the light or the world will experience.
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