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Everybody's Fine is a 2009 American dramatization film composed as well as routed by Kirk Jones, and also starring Robert De Niro, Drew Barrymore, Sam Rockwell, and Kate Beckinsale. It is a remake of the Giuseppe Tornatore's Italian movie Everybody's Fine. In Brazil, Russia and Japan, the movie was released direct-to-DVD.
Frank Goode, a recently widowed retiree, is preparing for his kids to come check out him. One by one though, each of his youngsters call to cancel on him in the nick of time. Feeling a bit down by the beings rejected, Frank makes a decision to go out on a cross-country trip, going to each of his youngsters.

Despite cautions from his physician, Frank takes a train to New york city City, to see one of his sons, David. David doesn't appear to be home and also never ever appears so Frank leaves him a card and defaults to see his other children. While he's waiting for David, he sees one of David's paints in a nearby fine art gallery window.

Following see is to daughter Amy in Chicago, that informs him it's a bad time to visit. She had actually turned down her dad's earlier invite to check out, claiming that her kid Jack was unwell. However, once he reaches Amy's residence, Frank understands Jack wasn't unwell and Amy was simply making up a reason. Frank strikes a couple of golf spheres with Jack in the lawn of their remarkable rural house. Supper is uncomfortable with stress between Jack and his daddy. The following early morning, Frank accompanies Amy to her fancy midtown workplace and also hears her firm's pitch for a TV advertisement. She takes him to the train terminal to see his son Robert in Denver. While waiting, Amy presents her father to a male colleague.
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As Frank takes a trip to every of his kids's residences, the movie cuts to telephone call between the brother or sisters. David remains in some type of trouble in Mexico, and Amy is going there to discover just what is occurring; the sisters and Robert accept not inform their papa regarding David until they know for sure.

Frank gets there in Denver anticipating to see Robert carry out the city's band. It ends up Robert is "only" a percussionist. Robert likewise informs Frank his see is at a bad time, as the band is flying to Europe the following day, however this is only a lie. So within hours Frank prepares to take a bus to Southern nevada to see his child Rosie. Frank is determined that each check out be a surprise, but Robert calls Rosie to alert her of his arrival.

In a lonesome hall of the bus terminal, during an encounter with a druggie, Frank provides cash to the druggie. He takes it however they get into a quarrel regarding him being thankful for Frank's gesture. Via bodily force, the drug addict aims to take every one of Frank's cash however fails. As a result, Frank's medication bottle landeds on the flooring. To strike back, the druggie stomps on the medication and squashes them. Frank scrapes up a few of the crushed pills because he need to take his medicine daily. He calls his medical professional for a prescription refill however he does not tell the doctor that he is numerous miles from home, traveling versus doctor's advice. He has a desire that David is in trouble.
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