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Remember Me is a 2010 American charming coming of age dramatization film routed by Allen Coulter, and also movie script by Will Fetters. It stars Robert Pattinson, Emilie de Ravin, Chris Cooper, Lena Olin as well as Pierce Brosnan
In 1991 in New York City, Alyssa "Ally" Craig is waiting with her mom for the train when they are robbed by two boys that shoot her mother after boarding the train.

Ten years later on, Ally is a student at New York University as well as deals with her dad, Neil, a New York Cops Department investigative. Tyler Hawkins audits classes at NYU and works at the college bookstore. He has a strained connection with his businessman dad, Charles, due to the fact that his older sibling, Michael, devoted suicide years prior to. Charles ignores his youngest child, Caroline, of which Tyler is safety.

One evening with his flatmate, Aidan, Tyler gets associated with someone else's battle as well as is apprehended by Neil. Aiden calls Charles to bail Tyler out, yet he does not stay to have a conversation with his papa. Aidan sees Neil dropping Ally off, recognizing that she is his daughter. He comes close to Tyler with the idea to get back at the detective by convincing him to sleep with as well as dispose Ally. Tyler and also Ally go to supper, kiss at the end of the evening, as well as proceed seeing one another. While at Tyler's apartment, Aidan persuades both to go to a celebration, after which Ally is really intoxicated and also ends up collapsing there. The complying with day she and her dad assert. Neil puts her as well as Ally flees to Tyler's home.

Caroline, a fledgling musician, is showcased in an art show and Tyler asks his daddy to participate in the show. Tyler confronts him in a board space loaded with people, which triggers his papa to take off. Neil's partner identifies Tyler with Ally on a train, so Neil breaks into Tyler's flat and also challenges him. Tyler prompts Neil by confessing to Aidan's strategy and his first factor for conference Ally, which requires Tyler to confess to Ally. She leaves as well as returns home. Aidan brows through Ally at her papas home to explain that he is responsible and Tyler is in love with her.

Caroline is harassed by a classmates at a birthday party where they reduced her hair off. Ally and Aidan visit Tyler's mother's apartment where Caroline is sobbing. Tyler accompanies his sister back to college when her classmates aggravate her for her new hairstyle, Tyler transforms terrible as well as winds up in jail. Charles is pleased that Tyler stood up for his sister, as well as they connect. Charles asks Tyler to consult with the attorneys at his workplace.

Tyler invests the evening with Ally and also they reveal they love each other after having sex. Charles takes Caroline to institution. He calls Tyler to let him know this as well as tell him he'll be late. Tyler enjoys his father is hanging around with Caroline. He informs Charles he will wait in his workplace, He sees on Charles's computer system, a slide show of images of Tyler, Michael as well as Caroline when they were younger.
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