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Flubber is a 1997 funny film as well as a remake of The Preoccupied Teacher (1961), routed by Les Mayfield (that had actually previously directed one more John Hughes scripted remake, Wonder on 34th Road). The movie was generated by Walt Disney Photo, as well as celebrities Robin Williams, Marcia Gay Harden, Christopher McDonald, Ted Levine, Raymond J. Barry and Clancy Brown.

Jamie Hyneman and also Adam Savage, presenters of MythBusters functioned as aesthetic professionals in the movie's manufacturing. Bill Nye additionally worked with this movie as a science professional. Toni Basil likewise functioned as a choreographer. The film grossed 177.9 million around the world on a 80 million budget.
Professor Philip Brainard (Robin Williams) of Medfield University is creating a brand-new power resource, in an attempt to increase sufficient cash to save the university from closure. His obsession with his research study distracts him from his future wife, the college president Sara Jean Reynolds (Marcia Gay Harden). He has actually missed two wedding events because of that obsession, much to Sara's temper. On the day of the 3rd attempted wedding, Philip is approached by his previous partner Wilson Croft (Christopher McDonald), who has profited from suggestions he has actually swiped from the researcher as well as now needs to swipe Sara from Philip and also make her his wife, which he proclaims directly to Philip.
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Before Philip can make it to the wedding celebration, his newest experiment shows fast advancement, sidetracking him and forcing him to miss yet another wedding event. The resulting drug developed from the experiment is a jellyish environment-friendly goo that boosts in speed as it bounces and proves to be hard to control, damaging the neighborhood prior to the teacher finally manages to capture it. Weebo (articulated by Jodi Benson), Philip's hovering robotic assistant, identifies the material as "flying rubber", leading Philip to christen it as "Flubber".

Philip remains to work on Flubber into the morning, wanting to maintain the rubber's activity as opposed to excitement. Philip's watch alarm system goes off at 6 a.m. (set wrong) and also Weebo informs him that he has missed out on the third wedding celebration. Philip visits Sara's office as well as unsuccessfully attempts to explain the scenario to her. Meanwhile, Medfield University sponsor Chester Hoenicker (Raymond J. Barry) is miserable that Philip failed his son Bennett (Wil Wheaton) in chemistry course. That evening, Hoenicker sends his two hired criminals Smith (Clancy Brown) and Wesson (Ted Levine) to Philip's residence in an attempt to persuade Philip right into offering Bennett a far better quality. Nonetheless, Philip is as well busy testing the Flubber to also notice them and also suddenly hits them on the head with a Flubber-coated golf sphere and bowling sphere. He uses Flubber to give his vintage Ford Thunderbird flight. During a test run, he finds Wilson making the moves on Sara. After that, Weebo tries to confess her love of Philip, just to be shrugged off as a computer. In response, she secretly creates a holographic human variation of herself identifieded as Sylvia (Leslie Stefanson) in hopes of winning him over. Before Weebo could kiss Philip in this type as he sleeps, Philip stirs up with an additional concept for Flubber. On a vacant basketball sector he checks the effects of Flubber on a basketball and himself. In order to allow the unskilled Medfield basketball team to win the video game, he provides them Flubber-padded shoes during half-time.

Back in Philip's residence, a curious Weebo lets loose Flubber from his case, allowing him to hem and haw your home and with Weebo's help the rest of the house devices participate. After the carefully competed yet successful basketball game, Philip's attempt to win Sara back right into his favor falls short. Philip dumps all of his emotional luggage onto Weebo, claiming his absent-mindedness is due to his love of Sara. Weebo documents Philip's ramblings and also shows the footage to Sara, that then reconciles with Philip. Philip shows Flubber's capacities to Sara and they review how it can be made use of commercial. Nonetheless, Hoenicker uncovers Flubber's presence and sends Smith and also Wesson to penetrate Philip's house as well as steal Flubber. Weebo attempts to repel the henchmen, just to be overruled by Wesson with a baseball bat. Philip as well as Sara return residence as well as discover Webber (Philip's house-robot) cleaning up, Flubber gone as well as Weebo destroyed. Later, Philip uncovers that Weebo had downloaded back-up information of herself into his computer in the event of her devastation, as well as a video clip recording of Weebo's hologram proclaiming her love for him.

Philip and also Sara challenge Hoenicker and also attempt to get Flubber, just to uncover that Wilson is allied with the millionaire. After a battle, Philip and Sara loss Wilson, Bennett, Hoenicker and also his henchmen, obtain Flubber back, increase adequate money to conserve the university and also finally have a successful marital relationship, along with Flubber as well as the adolescent "daughter" of Weebo, called Weebette. The movie finishes with the family members heading to Hawaii in Philip's auto.
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