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Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons [1] [4] (Chinese: 西遊 · 降魔篇) is a 2013 dream comedy film co-written, generated, and also directed by Stephen Chow. The motion picture was first announced in July 2011 and also was launched on February 10, 2013 in China. [1] The movie is a loose comical re-interpretation of the unique Trip to the West, a Chinese literary timeless often thought to be composed by Wu Cheng' en. A follow up, Quest to the West: Conquering the Devils 2, is currently recording and also is scheduled for launch in 2017
The movie takes place prior to Flavor Sanzang got his devotees and embarked on the Journey to the West.

A waterfront town is terrorized by a mysterious underwater creature. A Taoist clergyman eliminates a gigantic manta ray as well as urges that it is the devil. Sanzang, a self-proclaimed satanic force seeker, appears to warn the villagers that the pet is not truth demon. The citizens overlook him as well as, at the clergyman's justification, strings him up. The satanic force reemerges and kills many of citizens. Sanzang releases himself and also, along with the survivors, takes care of to beach the creature, which turns into a male. Sanzang then opens up a book of nursery rhymes as well as begins vocal singing to the satanic force. Irritated, the demon assaults Sanzang. One more devil hunter, Duan captures and also transforms the demon right into a creature. Sanzang tells to Duan that his master taught him a humanist method and also to use baby room rhymes to coax benefits out of satanic forces, a technique Duan belittles. Disillusioned, Sanzang satisfies his master and also bemoans his absence of capabilities compared to much more hostile demon-hunters. His master reaffirms his humanist ideology sends out Sanzang off once more to find "enlightenment.".

A couple goes into a vacant restaurant however the cook exposes himself to be a pig devil as well as eliminates them. Sanzang comes to the same restaurant, this moment evidently full of people. Sanzang sees through the illusion as well as identifies them as reanimated remains of the sufferers, in addition to the demon's nine-toothed rake. Duan bursts right into the restaurant and ruins all the corpses, as well as strikes the pig devil. She captures the devil in her magic bag to turn it right into a creature, however it bursts out of the bag and also changes right into a significant boar, collapsing the building. Sanzang and also Duan resort. Duan then develops a strong limerence in the direction of Sanzang after being excited by his generous ideals. She reveals her feelings, but Sanzang flees, not desiring to take care of charming love in his pursuit for bliss.
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Sanzang's master advises him to tame the Monkey King demon Sunlight Wukong (trapped by Buddha) to restrain the pig satanic force. That night, he is recorded by a gang that had actually additionally restrained Duan. It is later on revealed to be a ploy orchestrated by Duan to deceive Sanzang into making love with her. After Sanzang rejects her again, she has him locked up. The pig devil comes back and also harms Duan but is gone after off by a trio of matching demon-hunters. Duan views Sanzang's issue for her injuries as a charming tourist attraction. After Sanzang refuses her developments once again, she ruins his book of nursery rhymes as well as he leaves.

After days of traveling, Sanzang finally finds a cave under a lotus garden, where Monkey Master was trapped in for 500 years. Monkey Master informs Sanzang to make use of a dancer to lure the satanic force. Duan shows up and volunteers to dance. The porker satanic force shows up Monkey King easily controls it, enabling Duan to transform it right into a puppet. Duan then gives both the fish as well as pig puppets to Sanzang and supplies her golden ringed weapon as an interaction band, however he declines her again. She leaves after returning his baby room rhyme book, which she had pieced back with each other, although at random as she is illiterate.
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